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Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

I was starting to miss my Skyrim decorating/modding shenanigans! So lately, I’ve been creating some of my favorite fictional characters. Check out my live stream adventures with Daenerys Targaryen, as a Breton, on my Twitch channel. Below are a list of mods I have running:

For Decorating:
Jaxonz Positioner Converted
Placeable Statics
Hearthfire Homes Dont Respawn
For Looks:
Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
Fair Skin Complexion
KS Hairdos SSE
The Eyes Of Beauty
For Fun:
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
Ultimate Follower Overhaul

My 2018 PC Build

My 2018 PC Build

I was excited finally to be able to upgrade my 5 year old PC! I tried to wait until the holiday time sales/discounts to order my parts but still wanted to get it in time for my birthday (Nov 29th). Huge thank you to everyone that helped me pick out the right parts and build it! So here are my components and accessories of my new setup:
Nostalgic November

Nostalgic November

Throughout November I’ll be playing some of my favorite old games from the Myst series! Be sure to follow on Twitch for updates on when I go live! Hope to see you in the channel!